30 November 2018

3rd and final BIG EVENT POST - Cancer

My mom’s cancer has returned.  This time it is different, in that they can’t offer any treatment to her due to her lack of strength and where it has spread.

We try to stay positive under the circumstances but she has had a month of “one set back after the other”.  You wouldn’t even believe me if I were to recount it all, but the significant set-back was a fall due to the medication she was first given that made her unsteady. She broke a rib and hurt her spine.

It is important to keep her spirits up, but your own as well.  I suggest the following to help keep your head in a good place.

·     Ask people to pray and send good thoughts to her.
·     Pray or ask the universe to send healing to her and yourself.
·     Light a candle and think of your best memories together.
·     Light a candle at your church and have 15 minutes of quiet time.
·     Go for a walk to be surrounded by air and light.
·     Listen to happy music.
·     Watch funny films.
·     Never give up hope and know that you are stronger than you think.

Best wishes to all and I hope we kick cancers butt soon.


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