30 December 2020

Have some fun in 2021! Happy New Year

 2021 - HAVE SOME FUN!!! Really, we need more fun this year!

Reinvent yourself. Try a new hairstyle or colour. Update your wardrobe with something new and bright and fun!

Learn a new skill or develop a hobby.

Join a new group - I recommend #InterNations. Join or start a book club or games club, or walking group (spend time organising it for when you can meet face-to-face).

I'm creating a bucket list of things to do this year and projects of things I want to accomplish. YES - todo lists are fun for some people - like myself. SEEeee...I even have my colourful calendar, marker pens, quotes started, and saving money pouch to spend on my rewards, all set to go.

A change is like a breath of fresh air - makes you feel good. Have some fun in 21!

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