10 August 2011

Is it just me?

by Marygrace Anderson

"Is It Just Me?" is a question asked by almost every client in the beginning of a hypnotherapy session. The issue may be related to weight, phobias,confidence or panic attacks but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that everyone thinks they are alone in their suffering. They feel embarrassed and it’s only made worse when they don’t get the right support.

The answer is simply no. You may not be around people who suffer from your condition, but on a global scale, there are a lot of individuals experiencing the same problem. This is why we have so many associations for specific conditions.

One of the aims we try to achieve in a hypnotherapy session, is reassuring a client that they are not alone and, more importantly, there is a solution to solving their problem. The reassurance allows them to finally have hope again and determination to beat and win over their presenting issue. There are several techniques you can learn, which will help empower you to take back control of your situation and then it is reinforced with hypnosis.

A woman came into the office who was suffering low self esteem from being made redundant. She felt alone. It had a knock on effect to her health, as she stopped exercising and was felling depressed and unfocused on finding a new career. So we did some easy positive affirmations (to increase her confidence) and used visualisation to help see where she wanted to go. We did a life wheel to break down the areas she wanted to focus on and then broke them down into smaller goals. She used these steps to get her focused on approaching her job hunt and getting back into her exercise routine. Once she began to see how she could move forward, the depression and low self esteem vanished.

Hope this helps you to realise you are not alone.