30 December 2020

Have some fun in 2021! Happy New Year

 2021 - HAVE SOME FUN!!! Really, we need more fun this year!

Reinvent yourself. Try a new hairstyle or colour. Update your wardrobe with something new and bright and fun!

Learn a new skill or develop a hobby.

Join a new group - I recommend #InterNations. Join or start a book club or games club, or walking group (spend time organising it for when you can meet face-to-face).

I'm creating a bucket list of things to do this year and projects of things I want to accomplish. YES - todo lists are fun for some people - like myself. SEEeee...I even have my colourful calendar, marker pens, quotes started, and saving money pouch to spend on my rewards, all set to go.

A change is like a breath of fresh air - makes you feel good. Have some fun in 21!

19 December 2020

Brilliant Company to work with - make sure you love your work - IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Bodies Under Construction (the clinic I work from) is in the festive mood AND our amazing director, Leslie Abrahams and his wife Teryl, sent me a naughty box of Bad Brownies (and I've even been good) 😂😃 THANK YOU!!! You have made my day brighter, happier and joyful.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE - loving your work and who you work for is so important to your mental and physical wellbeing. Remember, you spend a lot of your day doing your job and if it's not right for you anymore - leave. If you hate your workplace but like your work - find a new company. If your chosen career isn't what you thought it was going to be like - start retraining (it doesn't matter how much time or money you have spent on it - ask yourself if you really want to be investing any more of your lifetime doing it). A quality life is more important in the long run.  

Do not be afraid of change. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Both are wonderful if they help lead you to your happiness and a fulfilling life. You, and those who are close to you, will benefit.

16 December 2020

Happiness for today - this will make you feel good!

 AND TODAY.. turn up the volume and #feelgood

If you are having a down day - play this loud and start moving. Dance people - dance! (But sorry you have to watch the 5 second video before it starts - don't know how to avoid that - worth the wait) LOL

28 October 2020

What is the meaning of mea culpa? Fun to learn

Learning something new every day is exercise for your mind. So today I learned the meaning behind Mea Culpa, the Latin meaning for - well watch the video and learn.

09 October 2020

Are you drinking too much? Is one glass becoming a bottle?

 #drinkingtoomuch #alcohol 

Are you drinking too much?   Is one glass becoming a bottle?


Are you becoming more dependent upon alcohol to feel better, escape, or just cope with situations?  If so, I can help.


Drinking is often seen as a way to relax or have fun.  We think of celebrating an event or socializing, and our treat at the end of a long day.   However, at some point, we realize the fun of drinking has stopped but now you can’t stop – the classic, “I won’t drink tomorrow”, or “I’ll only just have one tonight”.


Alcohol’s addictive nature creates a false sense of belief in the benefits we get from it.  It doesn’t matter if you think you feel more relaxed or believe it gives you more confidence, because in reality, too much alcohol creates a worse feeling the day after…and so the cycle starts.  


Don’t get me wrong, alcohol in moderation is great, and there are even some health benefits.  I am only referring to the “I know I’m drinking too much and I can’t seem to control it”.  You even forget how you managed other times without it, but that too is significant – because you did!


All patterns of behaviour are learned by repetitiveness and association.  It can start from too much socialising, just one with dinner, or boredom.  The good news is that you can learn a new way to control your drinking, and figure out a way to occupy your time in a healthy and more constructive way.


MAIN POINT – I do not want you to have to stop drinking, I want you to have the control back.

We focus on the benefits of having that control.  It is basically what you want.  To be able to drink but without the constant over indulgencies.  We focus on all the benefits you will gain from taking back the control.


Call me.  We’ll talk about it.  Together we’ll create a positive way forward for you.