27 June 2012

NCT Event

I highly recommend this to new parents.  I see lot's of new mothers who find the life change of having a new baby overwhelming from lack of sleep or recovery from a difficult birth.  I always encourage new mums to find a supportive mum group and walk away from anyone who makes you feel your not doing a great job as a new mother.  

The NCT summer event (The Big Push and Cheeky Monkey Tea Party) is one way to meet like minded people.  

Their event is to raise money for post natal depression and isolation in new parents - this is such a worthy cause and a great family fun event.  
Pushing to combat isolation in new parents
Bring your friends and family, grab your pushchairs and clip on your slings to help NCT Putney-Fulham raise vital funds to support new mums and dads.

Join us on Saturday 7th July 2012

For a Fun Walk along the River Thames
Register from 10 am at Loo Loo’s cafe, Leader’s Gardens, Putney Embankment

20 June 2012

Sports Enhancement

A reminder to set your own Olympic goal!  Summer is a great time to get active. If you want help with focusing on your sports goal, hypnotherapy can help you stay focused, prepare for a new challenge, and improve your game (tennis, running, golf, boxing, whatever the sport).  Professional athletes have been using these skills to get the edge on their competitors or get themselves back on track.  Using a combination of techniques, we'll get you to your goal.

We can help with your motivation as well and weight loss.  See www.mghypnosis.co.uk or call for a free consultation. Start your new future today!  You really can make it happen if you think you can.

11 June 2012

Giving talk on Hypnobirthing and Hypnotherapy on 23rd June

I am giving a talk on Hypnosis and Hypnobirthing on 23 June at 10:30am.  See link for details and directions to Cupcake Mum.    http://new.cupcakemum.com/#/nct-pregnancy-mornings/4564246029

Naala and Meg aka the cat and dog

This cracked me up.  It looked like Meg and Naala were having a stretching competition.  Again, if it makes you smile - share it.


Children's Therapies has new classes.

I love working with children but realise there are times when it is better to refer parents to other therapies.  Most kids respond extremely well to hypnotherapy but in some cases with toddlers it's better to go with a place they can express themselves without talking.  Please see below for details on the new classes this wonderful clinic can provide.

New Drama Therapy and Play Therapy,  Speech Therapy Apps, and Yoga for Kids

Drama Therapy and Play Therapy

A few months ago we started offering drama and play therapy services in addition to our child psychology service.   Talking therapies are not always suitable for very young children, as they haven't yet developed the language to articulate their thoughts and feelings.  Children express themselves naturally and most effectively through play.  In these creative therapy sessions, they use figures or puppets to represent real people or feelings, and the sand tray and other art and play materials to act out situations or things that have happened to them.

These therapies are extremely helpful for both adults and children of all ages who have undergone any kind of traumatic event including bereavement or parental separation, and also for children who struggle with forming relationships, including those on the autistic spectrum.  You can read a case study and find out more about dramatherapy and play therapy on our website.