29 May 2013

Hanen More Than Words Parent Course being offered

Please see link below about a course being offered at Children's Therapies.  Hanen "More Than Words" Parent Course which is a great practical program for parents to help communicate with their children.

This course is suitable for young children (under 5 years of age) who are demonstrating difficulties in areas of early social interaction, communication and play skills.  Specifically, if you have children who are 'query' ASD than this is the right parent group for them but it would also benefit parents of any child demonstrating difficulties in areas of interaction and play (e.g. cerebral palsy, downs syndrome etc).

Check out more information on the website:


It will be small groups of families as the purpose of the group is also to meet other parents in similar situations to share experiences and ideas etc.  Both parents (or a friend / grandparent etc) are welcome to attend the group sessions.

Group sessions will also be delivered flexibly as it is not a strict weekly program so all families needs / preferences will be accounted for.  Hence, the group may run from June until December depending on parents needs / availability.

A free orientation session to interested parents in June 2013 so call now.

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