28 October 2016

Stroke patients brought back to life

There has been so much good press about hypnotherapy in the last two months.  This article from the Evening Standard (dated 20th October 2016) tells about a break though revolutionary operation to help victims of stroke.  It is ingenious!

They use a catheter wire (barely the breadth of a hair) to "fish out" the life-threatening blood clots in the brain.  The procedure is called mechanical thrombectomy.   

We also know we can regrow the damaged synapsis so full recovery is common for most patients.  It really never ceases to amaze me at how powerful our minds are and the creativity of people who discover these kinds of procedures!  Well done medical teams everywhere!

Hypnosis can help with the recovery process too.  We use visualisation to see the movement of the body happening so the mind can set the new pathways.  It takes some effort but it is worth it in the end to keep at it.  I remember reading stories about patients who were told they would never walk again and the person did.  Those people knew that it was achievable and now the doctors do too.
Never give up!

Hypnosis and love

In the Daily Mail on September 9th 2016 there was an interesting article about "Can hypnosis boost your love life?".

It is a good article and a reminder on how quickly you can get results if you make an effort to change.

Sometimes when relationships are failing, you get to a place of hopelessness and stop talking.  All relationships need to have good communication to be successful.  It is important that you discuss problems coming from a place of love, respect, and support.  It is equally important that you both come up with ideas for the best solution.  Then you are working together to save the relationship instead of opposite sides.


Think yourself fitter Metro September 1st 2016

I love this article and believe it works.  We all know how our bodies react to our thoughts but this is even more amazing and gives hope to those who want to be fitter but are restricted in their physical abilities.

Tessa Guy is a true inspiration to to the "never give up" attitude.

So get those grey cells going and get yourself fitter!!!!