20 September 2012

Stop smoking on 1st October NHS campaign

On the 1st October the NHS is promoting a smoke-free campaign encouraging smokers in England to stop smoking for 28 days during October.  I completely support it and will give everyone, during the month of October, £25.00 off my normal fee and donate it to Cancer UK.

Take the 28 day challenge but make it a life long change.  You will feel so much better for doing it.  The best way to commit is to think of all the things you hate about smoking and then list all of the things you will gain from stopping.  You can start November feeling healthier, happier and proud. 


I am still getting used to blogging after several months.  Sometimes I forget and sometimes I am too busy.  And sometimes I am not sure what to blog that is important enough to share.  Everyone seems to have a different view of what the true use of a blog is and what it should reflect.

I have a very professional side and can give lots of advice to clients but I also like to reflect (even on a business blog) the fun side of enjoying life, like our cat sitting at the table hoping for a treat.  I guess at the end of the day, it's what you want it to be.  So I just hope people enjoy it and learn something useful.

18 September 2012

Taking the time and get the balance back

I went on holiday to Greece.  It was fantastic.  We achieved that total relaxation you can only get going to some place warm without internet access and completely switch off from work.  Well now I'm back and having such a hard time getting back into my work routine while keeping my personal balance.

SO, I did what I tell my clients:  Wake up 1 hour early every morning for a week and use each hour to just clear out the clutter, plan your week, do your inbox reading each piece of paper only once.  It helps to sit at a big desk and make piles of action now, file, to do, weekend stuff, etc....  and then use one of those hours to get through it all.  It will make you feel back on track and back in control.

Remember to schedule in the down time as well (bath, read a book, go for a walk, meditate).  In a recent article I read about Joanna Lumley, she said every morning she stands outside (no matter what the weather) to ground herself.  I think that is a brilliant idea.  Good or bad weather, it is always good - if you know what I mean.

Good health.