30 May 2017



This really has been a easy adjustment and much faster to settle into than I had thought in the beginning.  By week 5 I don’t “think” of my days as being much different, only a reminder that I feel so much better in mind and body.

My detox teas finish tomorrow and I will go onto green tea and other herbal teas.  

My calendar is looking more and more colourful – going to add sparking bits next week : ) 

Tips for this week for staying on track.

1. JDI –  No change.  Just always do it first thing or put it in your diary!

2. Balance is key with exercise, eating, being social, family, career, personal development, etc.  Find your balance and your stresses will all decrease.

3.  I went for a run with my neighbour Tina.  I ran further and easier with a running buddy – thanks for the conversation and distraction Tina!   I will try to ask more people to run with me and explain that I am trying to build up my distance and speed.  My longest run so far is 5k (walking twice for 2-3 minutes) and run/walking Putney Bridge to Wandsworth Bridge.  

4. Listing again the benefits after 5 weeks. 100% more energy, sleeping better, eating better, clothes fitting easier, body feels firmer, mind is sharper and more focused, being more productive in business and personal goals, and lastly but most importantly, I am happier in general.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

See you next week and enjoy your week.  Marygrace

24 May 2017



Really loving it now, as I am seeing and feeling it more in my body.  I am still not pushing my yoga moves to extremes, (as I couldn’t bare the thought of a set back at this point) but still working up a sweat.  It is the same with running – not pushing myself to run faster or longer, if I don’t feel good in my body.  I am at least making sure it is a minimum of  a 20 minute jog.  

Still enjoying the detox tea and finding more and more that I don’t miss a lot of things I was in the habit of doing daily, like drinking a Starbucks Instant Latte – yuck.  It would taste like drinking 10 cubes of sugar diluted with milk.

I am changing colours on my calendar to keep it interesting and pretty, and enjoying placing my round “stars” for days I run or do additional yoga.  I am finding that breaking up my day with a run, walk or yoga is helping my shoulder loosen up when I have been typing too long.

Tips for this week for staying on track.

1. JDI – At this point I really don’t even think of not getting up first thing to do my yoga.  If I need to get up really early, I have booked yoga in my diary for when I get back.  As mentioned, I really like Yoga with Adrian (You Tube), and she has a 30 day with Adrian yoga program – and its free, so tomorrow start with her on day one!   I did go to a drop in yoga sessions to make sure I am doing the moves right.   It was helpful and I will go again before next week. 

2.  I can definitely notice that starting the day with exercise does lend itself to eating a healthier diet in general.  I wasn’t terrible, but I think more about what would be a balanced meal vs. same old, same old.  Having a lot more fruit and summer makes it easier to keep the variety interesting.

3.  Thankful for encouragement from friends and family.  I will try to start going on the weekend with a neighbour who is at my level of running, and the distraction of talking with someone will keep me going.  We will motivate each other to keep going.

4.  Listing the benefits after 4 weeks.  100% more energy, sleeping better, eating better, clothes fitting easier, body feels firmer, mind is sharper and more focused, being more productive in business and personal goals, and lastly but most importantly, I am happier in general.  This is no longer a 6 week detox, it is already become a life style detox.

5.  Final point.  When I do self hypnosis before bed or after yoga, I keep a picture in my head on how I want to feel and look after the 6 weeks.  I don’t do a count down, meaning that on week one I pictured myself in 6 weeks time, on week two, I again picture myself in 6 weeks time (not 5).  I keep projecting 6 weeks out so I keep the momentum in my head of an ongoing goal.   Lost 2 more pounds since last week!!!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

See you next week and enjoy your week. Marygrace

17 May 2017

My 6-week detox diary and self-hypnosis (Week 3)

Whee - look at me go!  Week 3 and full steam ahead! I have added a new "motivational" item to my calendar.  I am putting yellow stickers on the days that I run.  So much fun!

Tips for this week for staying on track.

1.  JDI - or in my case JFDI - get up and just do your morning exercises.  No excuse not to do them.  Have your exercise clothes ready to go.  If you have to be up early for whatever reason, go to be early and get up 45 mins earlier to stick to your routine.  I alternate between a You Tube video and Wii to keep it interesting and sometimes it takes a little hunting to find the right video for you.  I really like Yoga with Adrian (You Tube)!  I also am going to drop in yoga sessions to make sure I am doing the moves right now and then.

2.  When tempted to snack on something unhealthy, I literally say to myself (rather scream it to myself), think of your goal and what you want.  It is like having a built in coach there to stop you going off the grid.  Have a motto or affirmation to say to help keep you on track.

3.  Think of your fans, (real or imaginary).  If you tell people what your goal is, your success rate will be much higher.  I can't imagine sitting her typing, "gave in, having a Kabab for lunch right after a full English breakfast to start the day...and no exercise".  Seriously, your true supporters will continue to support you in your goals.

4.  Be very specific on your final goal, and the life changing steps you need to accomplish it.  This is not a diet, this is not a quick fix, this is not a summer slimmer 6 week detox.  This is a gradual way to make some changes to lifestyle patterns.  I have strong will power but for those who do not, setting a 3 - 6 month goal will really get you on track for a life style change.  Yes, you may have a set back or a bad day, but if you spend the other 5-6 days sticking to it, you will feel and look better AND have so much more energy.

Still doing self hypnosis every night.  I picture myself reaching my goal and how I will look, how I will feel and all the positive emotions that go with that success and making it a part of my new world.  It is really a wonderful and empowering feeling.

See you next week and enjoy your week.  Marygrace

11 May 2017

Positive thinking course follow up

The next two positive thinking course days were focused on gratitude and mind training.


Gratitude is a simple way to end your day and start your day in a positive frame of mind.   Every day we should find 10 new things that we are grateful for in our lives.  This can be a combination of a million things like people, experiences, tastes, nature, health, the sun, the moon and the stars, literally anything.

Gratitude also heightens our awareness of what is most important to us.  You might be grateful for material things, but it also might make you aware of those material things which you no longer use or care about, which in turn, is taking up space and energy.  It might be time for a clear out of "stuff".

Mind training

Mind training is harder as we have to stop and think about how often we are negative about ourselves and others, but to make the effort to change the record playing in our heads.  We are learning to train ourselves to think more positively.  It is a simple, stop, think, react in a better way.  Sometimes it takes great patience and time to do that.  All the great spiritual teachers of the world tell us the same thing.

Use You Tube to find videos on positive thinking. We will be doing more recording ourselves before the end of summer this year.  Be on the look out.

GCSE and exams

GCSE and exam stress

Please can I encourage all students and parents not to get caught up in the stress of taking the GCSEs or any big exams. At the end of the day, our world is changing.  The way companies hire is changing. One day, it truly won't be a grade that gets you hired (it is already happening), but the type of individual you become.

I personally have been a C/D student and a straight A student.  No matter what grade I got, it had nothing to do with my achievements in life. I would rather have a happy, confident, outgoing and loving child than a unhappy, hating school and stressed out A student.

What truly matters in life isn't a grade.  It is the person you become.  Which reminds me to post my favourite quote by Marianne Williamson

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Having your first baby

Two woman I know have just given birth.  Both are struggling with the adjustment to having a new baby.  The first thing I tell them is that it is normal to worry and they have to be aware of the changes their bodies are going through during the "readjustment" of shape and hormones.  The second is the sleep deprivation.  Labour alone can be exhausting, but wanting to stay awake after the birth when you should be sleeping adds to the feeling that this is so hard.  You need to rest when your baby is resting and you need to ask for help when you need it.  Everything else can wait.

New parents also need to realise the adjustment to your new baby takes a few months, not a few days.  It gets easier and easier as you learn your babies cries and get advice from your home visitors from the NHS.  One woman's baby had a lot of wind, so she was shown a technique to help the baby feel more comfortable. This was by rotating the legs from the outside in a circular motion and then pushing the legs towards the stomach so the knees bend. Somehow it helps to release trapped wind.

Tips like this can make a world of difference, but you would only learn that if you asked for their help on what to do.

And lastly, trust your instincts.  Ask yourself what it is you need and follow the reply, whether it is food, sleep or a break.  Then get it from your partner, friends or family.

Enjoy your precious time with your new gift.

10 May 2017

My 6-week detox diary and self-hypnosis (Week 2)

Okay, day 10 and still going strong. In fact, I am getting stronger both physically and mentally. It seriously was not hard once I set my mind to it.

My motivational tips

1. Eating lots of salads (mixing it up to keep them interesting). I am also eating more fruit and nuts (almonds, pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts). Still doing the detox tea morning, noon and evening.

2. Without fail, I do my yoga in the morning. If I have a client at 8:00am, I am starting at 6:00am or before. The great thing is that I am sleeping better now and naturally walking up earlier (with energy). I also ordered a memory foam pillow and highly recommend them for people who are constantly adjusting their pillows during the night.

3. Motivational board - see photo. I am personally motivated by writing the number of days so I can see my progress. I look forward to writing the number on my calendar and putting money into my "holiday fund - Yes I can!" pouch. I also have a list below the pouch of all the benefits I gain as a result of making a life style change.

4. I just starting jogging again. I am taking it really slow and listening to my body. I was going to start it as a run/walk exercise, but naturally got into a steady slow jog and my breath and body felt "good" so I kept it up for 20 mins - my goal. I will set this for the week.

5. BONUS side note, I naturally have taken in less sugar and, OMG, does it make a serious difference to going back to something that has a lot of sugar. Gross. I didn't actually plan this as part of my goal, but was inspired by another blog in which the individual stopped sugar as their goal and the benefits they felt as a result.

It just happened naturally that I was eating less things that had sugar. I didn't eat a lot of sweets to begin with but was still amazing that cutting out "more" would make a big difference.

Please join me in setting your life changing goal. If you have any questions, comments or would like to speak with me, please feel free to contact me on info@mghypnosis.co.uk or by calling 07931 547 414.

Best wishes,


My 6-week detox diary and self-hypnosis (Week 1)

It is only day 3 but I wanted to inspire others to begin now, as 3 days in and I feel so much better already.

What I am doing:

1. Drinking a detox tea 3 times a day – I am using Tay Tox (Amazon). I was only an occasional coffee drinker, so coffee wasn't hard to cut out.

2. Stopped drinking alcohol. Again, this was easy to do once I set my mind to the challenge. We so often think we will miss out on “all the fun” from not drinking at parties or the pub, but, trust me, you will have just as much fun. I also focus on the overall benefits I will achieve in the end. Look better, feel better, more energy, toner and fitter, better sleep...  And THIS is what I want! I am putting the alcohol money towards a reward. In this case, it is going to be our holiday in the States.

3. Exercising daily. I have taking walks and practising yoga, and next week I will start running again. I know it is good to have an off day, but I don’t think going for a long walk or doing yoga is too strenuous not to practice every day. I am also looking into doing something else.

4. At night I do self-hypnosis and visualise how I want to look and how I want to feel 6 weeks from now. Self-hypnosis is a valuable tool to learn. Once you know what you want, this will help reinforce your commitment. Using these two techniques combined can help you achieve any goal you set yourself. You can learn self-hypnosis in just 1 session.

Those are my starting points and I look forward to sharing more.

Hope you decide to join me.