04 November 2014

Walking and talking

The other day I went for a power walk with a friend. I am making a conscious effort to MOVE from the "lets have a coffee and catch up" to "lets go for a walk and talk".

I have also found that being outdoors in the fresh air also tends to inspire more ideas. It really does seem to lend a hand in open thinking of alternative ideas. When I am sitting in the office surrounded by "office" stuff it tends to limit my focus on topics I want to cover.

My friend suggested I just start recording while I go for my walks ideas that spring up from our talks and then use them later for Blogs, twitter, etc... I now pass that wise wisdom on to you my friends.

And it's built in exercise without even thinking about it! So call a friend and set up some "walk and talk" dates as winter approaches to keep you motivated and creative!

03 November 2014

Poppy display at the Tower of London

My daughter took this photo when she went to see the display of poppy's at The Tower of London.  When I saw it I was really moved at the beauty of the display, and at the same time, so saddened that each one represented a lost life during the war.  Amazing how you can have two different emotions at the very same time.  RIP