30 July 2017

Passing on positive sayings on Facebook

I really like Facebook for being able to pass on inspirational messages.  I know a lot of people read  and "like" the ones I pass on, but I encourage everyone to do the same.

If something you read moves you, inspires you, or makes you think, it is worth sharing with others.  The internet and fake news is so wide spread, so its nice to be able to share something that is nothing but pure joy or fills you with passion.

I also like to share my top tips on stress management, sleeping. weight loss, etc...  I used to think no one was reading my page or my blog, but as it turns out, they are and I am now starting to get requests for specific things.  It (YOU) inspired me to make some videos to share and work towards doing 2 more recordings... so be on the look out soon for my videos.  I will post them here as well.


My MG Hypnosis Facebook page is MG Hypnosis Facebook