17 May 2016

Deepak Chopra Super Gene

We went to see Deepak Chopra speak this past weekend on his new book Super Gene's. He was amazing, inspirational, thought provoking, and mesmerising.

He also has a great sense of humour and was able to explain highly complicated scientific information and relate it to everyday life.

I wanted to share two of the activities he had us do. The first was to sit with your eyes closed and have someone ask you over and over, "who are you" until you reached a point of no response. Then they asked (again over and over) "what do you want". Both are very moving and I think you will be surprised at your answers by doing this(even by yourself). I believe this exercise, you will find the answers you give will be heartfelt.

The second, was when you are faced with a fear, problem or argument, you should: stop and pause, take 3 deep breaths, smile, observe from your prospective, the other persons perspective, other peoples perspectives who are affected, and then proceed. It will change your habit of just doing what you have always done. This is true for any habit you want to change.

But don't just take my word for it. Go and see him live next time he is in London.

03 May 2016

Running smarter with less injury

Highly recommend this book.  It is focused on being aware of your body and running style to prevent injury and stay healthy.  Danny Dreyer takes you through a step by step explanation on proper running form and you can feel this enthusiasm coming right out of the book.  I found it helped me and I was fascinated with his mind and body formula.  As you already know, I totally know that there is a mind and body connection, but he is focused from an athletes prospective.

Enjoy your run!