27 June 2013

Got something weighing on your mind?

Here we go again!  Which means it is that time of year again when most of us think about losing weight.  Did you know that 95% of dieters regain the weight they have lost?  Worse than that, in the UK obesity has almost become the number one cause for premature death.  It is a fact that 25% of women and 20% of men in the UK are now classified as obese. The symptoms range from low energy levels and breathlessness to serious conditions such as high blood sugar, high cholesterol, thyroid and hormone problems, and extra strain on the heart.  

So what is the solution?  To make a permanent life style change with the help of hypnotherapy. How you think effects everything you do and you can learn new ways to use your mind that will let you change easily and comfortably.  Together we will discover the reasons behind your eating habits and use several techniques to help change that thinking once and for all.  I can help you find the motivation you need to lose weight, exercise, and feel good about yourself and your body again.  Inside and out!

Stop and think about the ordinary - How to have a super positive day

Just think about your routine.  Now think about your routine which does nothing to motivate you.  AND NOW think about what you can do to change it.  Let us become detectives for a day and see what drains us and what might made a huge difference to how we start our day.

So, how can we do this.  We start by breaking the normal pattern.  Wake up 30 minutes earlier and have either a power hour (or power half hour), or do simple floor exercises or yoga, or sit down and plan out your day exactly as you would like it to be.  Follow the rule of TAB Think Act Be.  If there is something in your daily routine that drains you - change it.  Clear your desk, or rearrange it.  Get rid of the stuff which just clutters your space.  Eat a different breakfast, different lunch - go for a walk, or leave work on time.

Do not accept anything negative for a day.  When people ask "how are you", just answer "terrific!", and see how you feel just saying that word.  Don't let negative people drain your energy - if they want to be miserable, that is their choice.  You stick to making your day different, fun, interesting and exciting.  Think of 3 things you can do that will make tomorrow even better.  And before you go to sleep remind yourself. "well done for having such a great day" and think of 10 things you are grateful for in you life and then drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.

18 June 2013

Well done Dutchess of Cambridge for choosing hypnobirthing

It is so wonderful for Kate to raise the profile for hypnobirthing. It is such a natural process to give birth so why not make the whole process natural?

I am sure you have all read the reports and know why it is a great way to have a baby but just to remind you of the benefits:

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Manage any discomfort through powerful breathing techniques
  • Reduces fear, tension and discomfort and thus naturally increase discomfort threshold
  • Learn relaxation techniques that will help your body to work the way it is designed to
  • Learn how to put yourself in control of your birth - rather than blindly turning your birthing experience over to your doctor or midwife
  • Less medication and chemical anaesthesia is needed as muscles thin and open easily
  • Hypnosis shortens the first stage of delivery by approximately 3 – 4 hours for mothers delivery their babies. For subsequent deliveries, it is not unusual for them to be as quick as 60-120 minutes long
  • Learn visualization techniques that can help your body to do what it wants to do
  • Allow your mind and body to work together in harmony
  • Experience the pleasures of birth rather than the negative experiences you may have heard from others
  • Release worries and concerns you may have about birth
  • Enables mother to go into “hypnotic relaxation” if unable to sleep between feeds
  • Raises resistance to fatigue during delivery thus minimizing maternal exhaustion
  • Encourages the production of milk
  • Decreases “post natal blues” and speed recovery
  • Use the endorphin release to increase your body's natural anaesthetic – a much safer option than relying on pharmaceuticals and other drugs

05 June 2013

How to retrain your eating habits

We were brought up with a history of eating habits passed down from generation to generation. Some of those traditions we now know are not beneficial to our bodies or minds. Having the usual Sunday roast has loads of fat-based unhealthy items; you know the ones. Fast food restaurants - we learned - have almost our whole daily calorie allowance in one meal! Bread and dairy can be a drain on how our bodies process those foods robbing us of our energy. Plus, the old "eat everything on your plate" mantra added unwanted weight to our bodies.

So if you want to eat better and lose weight, become educated and change the old though pattern. Read any current nutritional book and they will all tell you the same thing. You have heard it before but until you "do it", you will never appreciate the benefits. You will feel better, look better and lose weight from learning more about modern nutritional guidelines. You can set a new healthy eating tradition for your future generations.

If you need help with changing your thought pattern, see Marygrace at MG Hypnosis. If you need help with learning about nutrition, see Fleur Borrelli, the nutritional specialist at The Putney Clinic. If you need a personal trainer, I recommend Carrie Hogan or Martin Watkins. Email marygrace@mghypnosis.co.uk for contact details.

Hypnosis and exam anxiety

Please help your children prepare for their exams by following the steps below:

  1. Get them to do deep breathing 6 times before they start to study and, before they start their exam, do it again. It only takes a minute!
  2. Visualize themselves taking the exams and feeling relaxed and passing.
  3. Encourage them, but remind them that at the end of the day, no matter how they do, they are still loved for their hard work and life goes on. It is just a grade and we have millions of successful entrepreneurs and famous world figures who didn't do well on an exam but succeeded in life. The grade does not reflect how good they are as individuals.
  4. Take regular breaks and do some exercise during their day.
  5. Eat well and drink water.
  6. Make sure they study in a pleasant, comfortable place, and sitting in posture friendly chair.
  7. Remind them they have a choice to go into the exam stressed out or feeling positive and confident.
  8. Let them know it is normal to be a little "nervous about their exam", but it is better to use the word "excited about their exam" – much more positive.

Happy revising!

Sports and Hypnosis

Athletes are great clients because they are used to working hard, pushing themselves, and setting personal goals. They also want to perform well so their motivation for success is very high. Helping a sports client achieve their goal is one of the most rewarding outcomes I have ever had.

Sports psychology is becoming increasingly more popular in all fields of athletics. Using various hypnotherapy techniques, it can be extremely effective in helping sports people get over past failures, utilizing their past achievements, and create an award winning mind set for competitions and training.

It's easy to train your body physically but adding the mental training can enhance your development as an athlete.

We tailor your session to meet your specific needs, whether that is competition preparation, motivation and goal setting, anxiety management or creating the athletic performance mindset.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your dream.