22 October 2013

Stress busters and mood lifters

As the winter nights close in, fight back with these stress busters and mood lifters. Stay happy all winter long!
  • Keep magnesium levels up. Magnesium is a natural tranquilliser (Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds) or get Bach's rescue remedy from Boots
  • Make lists: things seems worse in our heads, use a calendar...
  • Have a guilt free bath (oils and candles). You happy = everyone happy
  • Learn to breathe
  • Go for a walk and do other regular exercise like yoga/Pilates
  • Get a massage or acupuncture
  • Learn to meditate and use visualisation techniques
  • Listen to music or a relaxation CD
  • Self-talk... Say positive statements... Well done!
  • Plan for your future but LIVE in the moment. 99.9% of the time we worry about things that might go wrong. So fee the fear and do it anyway!

Learn self-hypnosis and discomfort control

05 October 2013

My goals for the end of 2013

One of my goals for the end of 2013 is to watch less TV and be active in finishing projects (like the dreaded organisation of my pictures for the last 5 years into photo albums – almost finished). Anyway, I am making progress and getting more things done without feeling like I am not having down time. My projects are all things I want to do and I set time limits so I don’t feel like it is a chore. TV is great for information and to have a break, but the 3 to 4 hours from meal to bed (even in the background is too much).

Other things I am doing with my "power hours" is looking into classes of interest, listening to Italian tapes, giving the dog a final walk (more than just around the block), face-timing friends, updating my daughters monthly journal, cleaning out clutter by area (scary out-of-date medicines in the bathroom cupboard and out-of-date cans of soup "I was going to try"– eek), getting clothes ready for the next day, getting birthday cards/presents ready for the upcoming month. They might sound like small projects or tasks, but the time-saving feel good factor is outstanding. Try it and you will see. I am also learning about juicing – more in the next newsletter about this and how it can help with weight loss and sports enhancement.

What can you achieve by 2014?

Okay, now we are back to some point of normalcy as the kids are back to school and everyone has returned from their holidays and the tubes are packed full again. So, what can you think of to inspire you to finish off this year with achieving something great!? Let's get thinking.

Start a new or change your exercise routine - maybe try a Zumba or kickboxing class to get some of those other muscles moving. Studies have shown that a mixture of exercise is much more effective than just running, biking or swimming. Or sign up for your first race, which is very inspiring!

Take a 30 day challenge - either eat healthier, cut out one item of food you know is really bad for you, have a alcohol free month, drink one less high street coffee and put the money into saving up for a treat, drink more water, bring your lunch to work, try more fruit/veg...

Take a class - learn a language, cooking class, dancing, computers or learn self-hypnosis to help you achieve your goals.

Set a 3 month goal to achieve by New Year! Clear out your clothes, paint a room, organize your files, recycle old books/junk (or sell it on line), research a new career.

It doesn't matter what it is but without goals - you have no where to go and nothing to achieve. Goals help us stay focused and they create action, which in turn causes motivation and momentum. We feel great when we can tick off out accomplishments. It builds our self esteem and makes us set higher goals. You have nothing to loose and so much to gain. Enjoy your success.

04 October 2013

Stoptober – Join the campaign! Why?

Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette: 

  • Blood Pressure drops to normal
  • You smell better and so do your clothes
  • Pulse rate drops to normal
  • Body temperature of hands and feet return to normal

Within 8 hours:

  • Carbon monoxide level in the blood drops to normal
  • Oxygen level in blood increases to normal

Within 24 hours:

  • Chance of heart attack decreases

Within 48 hours: 

  • Nerve endings start re-growing
  • Ability to smell and taste things is enhanced

Within 72 hours: 

  • Bronchial tubes relax making breathing easier

Within 2 weeks to 3 months: 

  • Circulation improves
  • Walking becomes easier
  • Lung function increases by up to 30%
  • Look better – feel better

Within 1 – 9 months:

  • Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath decreases
  • Lung cilia regrow, increasing ability to handle mucus, clean lungs
  • Body's overall energy increases

Within 5 years:

  • Lung cancer death rate for average smokier almost halves

Within 10 years: 

  • Lung cancer death rate down to almost that of a non-smoker
  • Pre-cancerous cells are replaced
  • Other cancer risks decrease


02 October 2013

November stress management class is now set for the 14th

Learn Stress Management and Self–Hypnosis

When: November 14th between 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Where: The Putney Clinic, 2nd floor, 266 Upper Richmond Road, London SW15 6TQ

Why:  We can all use some stress reduction techniques. (see below for details)  You will learn how to relax your mind and body. You will love it!

Who is this for?  Executives, new and experienced parents, new career starters, young adults, anyone facing stress or challenges in their lives.  Whatever you do, you can feel better physically and mentally.

Call us to book on 07931 547414.

The aim:  To learn how to take even more effective control of your emotional and physical well-being by learning stress reduction techniques and self-hypnosis to use during your day.

What will you learn and how can it help you?  
We will teach you how to use self-hypnosis. You'll leave with a powerful tool to use in your daily life.  We anticipate that the techniques you learn will help in many other areas of your life.  Just to mention a few:
  • Reduce reoccurring physical symptoms of stress in your body (i.e. shoulders, neck, and back pain. Also IBS, headaches, and anxiety attacks).
  • Increase motivation and goal setting.
  • Stopping old unwanted habits.
  • Building self-confidence and increase self-esteem.
  • Presenting and public speaking.
  • Learning a useful life long skill... and more. 

The cost: The fee for this event is just £55.00 for 2 hours paid before the start of the class by bank transfer, cheque or cash on the day before the class begins. All notes and a free CD will be supplied.

It will be a positive, fun, relaxing and informative event.

The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy Free Open day

They are holding a *free open advice day* at the clinic on Saturday, 12 October (10am - 3pm) with a number of free talks and demonstrations. The focus of the day will be on back and neck pain. You must book if you would like to attend, please call them on 020 8789 3881 or send an email to info@putneyclinic.co.uk.