10 March 2017

Don't be afraid to travel alone tip

I was watching a travel program hosted by a woman travelling on her own on a cruise ship.  She encouraged people who are single not to be afraid to travel alone.  She said the best quote I have heard in a long time, “remember, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet”.

Share it with your friends and happy travels.

Smoking cessation and the new tax bill

Okay people, let's get serious now and do the math:

20 cigarettes now cost £7.70 a packet. This multiplied by 365 days a year equals £2,810.50.  Not only that, but that is you putting poisonous tobacco into your body 7,300 times a year.

A hypnotherapy smoking cessation session costs £300.00; saving you £2,510.50 a year. And let's not forget, it cuts out the poison!

Special offer on Smoking Cessation Therapy with MG Hypnosis

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