30 April 2013

Kids and Controlling Anger

There are lots of great therapies to help kids control and understand how to control anger and frustration.  Play therapy, drama therapy and using their imaginations.

One of the techniques is to imagine anger as an animal (wild animals work better - like a lion or tiger).  Then see themselves being calm, relaxed and in control.  A time when they felt really happy about something they did or achieved.  Then have them think of iron cage with strong bars and tell the tiger to go into the cage.   Then think of a situation or person who made you feel angry and imagine getting the tiger in a strong cage with a strong lock, and they are the only person who has the key.  Right away the tiger is calm and protected and in control.  Watch it like a movie and see how quickly the anger can come under control.  When you feel calm and in control of yourself and your emotions, you feel happier.  It is simple but effective.  Good for adults too.

Age and Vitality by Fleur Borrelli Nutritionist

Longevity is all about the maximum age we can possibly live to. Potentially we can live to be a hundred and thirty years old - this has been calculated by the number of times the cells in our body can possibly divide. Cell division is all about our cells reproducing and repairing themselves. Jeanne Calment, the French supercentenarian with the longest confirmed lifespan in history, nearly made it. She died at 
a hundred and twenty-two years old having outlived both her daughter and her grandson. 
Here are some of her secrets that are supported by science: • Learn to be more stress tolerant through meditation and exercise • Be as active as you can • Eat only when you are hungry and eat well • Have a glass of red wine each day • Use olive oil

22 April 2013

Next Stress Management Class 16th May 2013 6-8:00pm

Learn Stress Management and Self – Hypnosis

Feeling stressed!? Want help? Come to this event and it will improve your life. You will learn how to take effective control of your emotional and physical well-being by learning stress reduction techniques and self-hypnosis.You'll leave with powerful skills to use in your daily life. We anticipate that the techniques you learn will help in other areas of your life, such as:
  • Reduce reoccurring physical symptoms of stress in your body (i.e. shoulders, neck, and back pain. Also IBS, headaches, and anxiety attacks)
  • Increase motivation and goal setting
  • Stopping old unwanted habits
  • Building self-confidence and increase self-esteem
Marygrace Anderson, an expert in stress reduction, and is an experienced professional in the area of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & life coaching. She covers a variety of issues for children and works with business professionals, parents and seniors. She advises companies on employee well-being and also helps professional athletes improve their performance. Marygrace states, "I love empowering people to live better lives and am passionate about my work".

When:  Thursday 16th May from 6:00 – 8:00pm

Where: The Putney Clinic, 2nd floor, 266 Upper Richmond Road, London SW15 6TQ Booking essential as limited spaces. Call 0208 789 3881 to book.

Fees: This seminar is just £45.00. You will be given handouts and free CD.

“Clive Lathey, Director of the Putney Clinic, suggested I see Marygrace. I put it off for months, and then after our session, I kicked myself as I felt so much more relaxed.” JP

02 April 2013


If you can't get motivation after reading any of my previous blogs, you simply just have to take the JFDI approach and take action!  Action leads to motivation as you can see the results after a short period of time.

If you want to lose weight, go for an hour power walk ever day.  In one weeks time you will notice it.

If you want to get press, spend an hour a day on your marketing and it will generate leads and clients.

If you are stuck on paperwork, do one power hour of cleaning and filing a day and it will be gone before you know it.

You get the idea.

Just take massive action every day and you will get to your goal.

New yoga and pilates classes at The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy

If you are looking to start a new exercise campaign to shake off winter excesses, why not try one of our classes. We have classes suitable for all levels and our new ‘core boot-camp’ looks set to be popular. This class, taught by Stephen, will focus on the core muscles needed to keep the back healthy and you may even discover your six pack. 


Here is a list of all classes currently available at the Clinic:

New class Introduction to Ashtanga yoga
Starts: Saturday 6th April
Time: 8:45am
Teacher: Cherie
Cost: £84 (6-week course)

Saturday prenatal yoga
Time: 10am
Teacher: Cherie

New class Pilates Beginners / Remedial
Starts: Saturday 6 April
Time: 11:15am
Teacher: Erica
Cost: £84 (6-week course)

New class Pilates level 1-2 intermediate
Start: Saturday 6 April
Time: 12:15pm
Teacher: Liz
Cost: £84 (6-week course)

Starts: Monday 8 April
Time: 7pm 
Teacher: Laurent
Cost: £84 (6-week course)

Ashtanga yoga (Mysore)
Starts: Tuesday 9 April
Time: 9:30am
Teacher: Cherie
Cost: £84 ( 6-week course)

New class Core boot camp
Work all the stabilising muscle groups and maybe even find your six pack.
Starts: Tuesday 9 April
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Stephen
Cost: £84 (6-week course)

Baby massage
Starts: Wednesday 10 April
Time: 11am 
Teacher: Hajni
Cost: £84 (6-week course)

Wednesday prenatal yoga
Time: 7pm 
Teacher: Diane 

Mum and baby yoga
Starts: Thursday 11 April
Time: 10:30am
Teacher: Diane
Cost: £84 ( 6-week course)

Postnatal Pilates
Physiotherapist led Pilates class with Katie. Also open to prenatal women.
Starts: Thursday 11 April
Time: 2.30pm
Teacher: Katie 
Cost: £84 (6-week course)

New class Ashtanga led
Starts: Friday 12 April
Time: 9am
Teacher: Cherie 
Cost: £84 (6-week course) 

About the courses

Please note that all classes are subject to numbers. To ensure that your class runs, please sign up for your desired course before it starts.

All courses run for 6 weeks, unless otherwise stated. If you miss a class due to illness, work commitments or other reasons, you may attend another class in the same week (subject to availability).

Prenatal yoga classes are itemised separately under the yoga mama class pass system.

For full information about the yoga, Pilates and massage courses currently offered by yoga mama,consult the timetable.