27 April 2012

Confidence Building & Stress Reduction Seminar

Confidence Building & Stress Reduction Seminar
When:   Tuesday, 15th May 6:30 – 8:00pm
Where:  The Putney Mead Medical Centre, 2nd Floor, 266 Upper Richmond
              Road, London SW15 6TQ
Why:  Because who can’t use some more confidence and less stress in their life.

This is what a typical seminar looks like, call us to book on 07931 547414.

THE AIM:  To learn how to build your own confidence and reduce stress in your life with simple easy to learn effective techniques. This workshop will help you achieve your goals through the power of your own mind and deal with situations in a relaxed and calm manner.
WHAT WILL YOU LEARN AND HOW CAN IT HELP YOU?   We will teach you, in a simple step-by-step process, how to build confidence using fun, creative and time trusted and tested techniques. You'll leave with a powerful tool to use in your daily life.  We anticipate that the techniques you will learn will help you in many other areas of your life.  Just to mention a few:
Overcoming fears
Dealing with difficult situations
Building self confidence and self esteem
Improving your health and well being with stress reduction
Communicating easily and effectively
Learning a new skill more effectively
And more.
What we Use to achieve this: 
» Guided Imagery
» Hypnosis
» Inter Session Practice >> affirmations >> Coaching
» The Power of The Group

What to Expect
All participants will fill in a short individual consultation with what their specific goals are and of course what they are aiming to achieve.  This seminar will open your eyes to the possibilities that this simple, easy to use technique can bring.
How much does it cost  The fee for this event is just £35.00 for 90 minutes paid before the start of the class by bank transfer, Cheque or Cash on the day before the class begins. You will given notes to take away with you for reference.
How do you book?  Email to confirm you will be coming or call on 07931 547414 to book your place.  No more than 8; so this will be a great way to learn in a supportive environment
Who will be running the groups? 
Marygrace Anderson, who is an experienced professional in the area of hypnotherapy. She looks forward to meeting you to help you resolve your issues once and for all.  Marygrace will also explain fully what, how and why hypnotherapy is so effective.  It will be a positive, fun, relaxing and informative evening.

  • How does it work?
  • What happens during a session?
  • What you will experience?
  • What can hypnotherapy help you with?
  • How you can benefit from hypnotherapy? 
  • Is it safe and can everyone be hypnotised?

It will be a positive, fun, relaxing and informative evening.

11 April 2012

Becky completes her North Pole Marathon Challenge

Local Publican Becky Newman, of the Bricklayers Arms, came in 11th in the North Pole Marathon (2nd in woman's time).

Becky, who received treatment at The Putney Clinic from Leah Hearle before her challenge, said "it was an amazing unforgettable experience".  She said she felt 100% positive mentally and physically before the race and appreciated the treatment to help her prepare for her marathon.  She also achieved her goal of raising over £10,000 for Headway, the charity she was committed helping.  Well done Becky!