11 March 2013

How to get your motivation back

Sometimes we get stuck and can't seem to get started again. We lose motivation and keep putting things off, and at the same time, feeling guilty for not taking action. So follow these steps to get yourself started again (and I promise it will only take 30 minutes max):

  • Write down your values and what is important to you and why
  • Next, do a life wheel and choose the bottom 3 or 4 areas you want or need to work on
  • Then take a diary and plan in how you are going to get those goals accomplished. For example, if your personal space is a mess, book in days and times to clear it out; this could take 2 hours or 2 days. If it’s health, book in the days you will exercise and what else can do (eat healthier, cut down on alcohol, sign up for a charity walk)

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