29 May 2013

Image Consultant for Colour me Beautiful

I met this woman who totally understands how to stay positive and feel great. It should be part of everyone's goal to look good and feel good - along with eating well and exercise.

Angela Weyers is an Image Consultant based in Ealing, West London. She firmly believes that when we look good, we feel great! Through her consultations on colour, style and make-up, she shows you how to work with your own colouring, body shape and personality to look your very best. Her confidence-boosting sessions are fun and informative and aimed at anyone, any age and any size! See her website for all the details.

"Ever thought you would like to have a colour analysis? Colour analysis will show you your most flattering colours for clothes and make-up! Wearing the wrong colours can drain you, make you look older, tired, ill. But wearing the right colours will make you glow! Knowing your most flattering colours will save you time and money whilst shopping (no more mistakes!)" 
Contact me, Angela Weyers, for details! 
Tel: 0208 997 2123
Email: angela@mystylistlondon.com
Website: www.mystylistlondon.com

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