04 November 2014

Walking and talking

The other day I went for a power walk with a friend. I am making a conscious effort to MOVE from the "lets have a coffee and catch up" to "lets go for a walk and talk".

I have also found that being outdoors in the fresh air also tends to inspire more ideas. It really does seem to lend a hand in open thinking of alternative ideas. When I am sitting in the office surrounded by "office" stuff it tends to limit my focus on topics I want to cover.

My friend suggested I just start recording while I go for my walks ideas that spring up from our talks and then use them later for Blogs, twitter, etc... I now pass that wise wisdom on to you my friends.

And it's built in exercise without even thinking about it! So call a friend and set up some "walk and talk" dates as winter approaches to keep you motivated and creative!

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