11 April 2016

Changing careers

Knowledge is power!  I will never forget my dad first telling me that when I called him from my job in Washington.  I kept getting asked to do things that were not part of my role.  My dad so simply informed me that the more I learn, the more valuable I become to myself, and the company.  So, from that day forward I thrived at learning new skills. 

However, you also need to keep a balance in life so if you have too much work or you are working too many hours, get the balance back.  You need to be able to stand up for yourself and work something out with your manager.  When you are overworked or too tired, you can’t do your job properly or happily.  Happiness is a key to loving your work. 

One of the key things I want to know when someone comes to see me is do they like their jobs.  I would say that more than half want to do something else.  An excellent resource for exploring what you might want to do is a book called “Working 5 to 9” by Emma Jones.  This book is loaded with cleaver resources to help you turn your real interests or even hobbies into careers.  So begin exploring your talents and potential today and love learning.

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