09 November 2018

The Science of Laughter

I read The Science of Laughter from Time Magazine’s September issue.  It was really interesting to learn that the main reason we laugh is social communication.  

It is also an unconscious behavior (not under our control at all), which is why we have all had “inappropriate” times of cracking up.  Mine usually happens in church.

The really amazing thing about laughing is that it is, like drinking water, good for us.  Not only mentally making us feel good, but also physically we benefit.  That is why there are more and more studies being done in universities and hospitals about using laughter for better health.   It helps in boosting our immune function, pain tolerance, cardiovascular health and memory.  We know it reduces stress and help with depression.

So I suggest you spend 1-2 hours over the weekend to watch your favorite comedy! Happy Friday!

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