13 January 2012

Goals for 2012

If you can't figure out your goals for 2012, you will never reach them.
Take 2 hours and sit down and pick 4 areas of your life you want to change/improve/start within the next 6 months.  Then take a calendar and slot in what needs to be done to achieve them.  For example:
Health - exercise 5 times a week and slot in when you will do it.
Learn Spanish - Look up classes or maybe swap languages on Gumtree and set up time or join a class.
Clear out - plot in 4 hours each weekend to clear out what ever it is you need to do (clothes, garage, office, anything) and start this weekend.
Social life - get in touch with old friends and plan on coffee or walk for 1 hour over the next few months.
In 6 months time, do it again and choose 4 new areas to work on.  Fill in a life wheel to get you going.
Good luck to getting all your goals sorted for the year.

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