25 July 2012

How we treat enuresis for children with hypnotherapy

Urology week is 17-21 September but I was asked to write about it for Families SW magazine so thought I'd post it as well.

To start, it is imperative to build a sensitive and positive rapport with the child.  After a detailed medical background, we then use a variety of tools to help your child find the right solution for them.  Kids often can fix their own “problems” using their brilliant imaginations.  We use techniques like pretending, relaxation and imagery, metaphors, time distortion, and always confidence boosting to help them over come bed-wetting. 

The keys factors in helping your child is for the parents to be relaxed about it, and continue to encourage your child (even when it feels frustrating).  This is common and keeping it in perspective helps.  It is a phase and helping your child to overcome it quickly, confidently and calmly is the key.  Call to discuss your personal situation.

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