05 December 2012

Don't let the dark winter nights get you down!

Don't let the dark winter nights get you down! Remember, it is mind over matter and what you think will influence how you feel.

This is the perfect time of year to take action and not get trapped into the winter blues. It might seem hard to do but the point is, it’s an illusion. It does not have to be dark and dreary in your mind. Every night and every morning say an affirmation to your self about having a perfect day, a delightful day, and a happy day. Promise yourself you will smile at everyone you meet and say a strong friendly "hello"! Pretend you are in a movie.

They are simple things to do and they work.

Other tips to feel good:

  • Turn up the music
  • Walk every day
  • Try a new healthy recipe or to cook a classic meal
  • Volunteer
  • Plan a holiday or visit to a free museum
  • Sign up for a class to learn something new
  • Watch a funny film
  • Make something – like personalised cards
  • Call an old friend

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