03 December 2012

We recommend Concept Fertility

We have a "we recommend" section on the website.  Mr. Ojha is one of the doctors at Concept Fertility we have worked closely with and I can not tell you how many times I have heard my clients sing his praise.  He is a gift to a couple trying to conceive - just make a note if you ever need his help or know someone who does.  See below for details:

We began working with Concept Fertility at Parkside Hospital in Putney. It is a one-stop fully comprehensive fertility service with a very unique personal experience. Their team understands how important this journey is and has created a step by step support process which is tailored to a couples circumstances – as each couple has a unique story. When you call, you will always get through to one of the experienced consultants who will be with you throughout the whole process. You will love that you choose Concept Fertility. 

Visit the Concept Fertility website

Concept Fertility

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