05 June 2013

Hypnosis and exam anxiety

Please help your children prepare for their exams by following the steps below:

  1. Get them to do deep breathing 6 times before they start to study and, before they start their exam, do it again. It only takes a minute!
  2. Visualize themselves taking the exams and feeling relaxed and passing.
  3. Encourage them, but remind them that at the end of the day, no matter how they do, they are still loved for their hard work and life goes on. It is just a grade and we have millions of successful entrepreneurs and famous world figures who didn't do well on an exam but succeeded in life. The grade does not reflect how good they are as individuals.
  4. Take regular breaks and do some exercise during their day.
  5. Eat well and drink water.
  6. Make sure they study in a pleasant, comfortable place, and sitting in posture friendly chair.
  7. Remind them they have a choice to go into the exam stressed out or feeling positive and confident.
  8. Let them know it is normal to be a little "nervous about their exam", but it is better to use the word "excited about their exam" – much more positive.

Happy revising!

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