05 June 2013

How to retrain your eating habits

We were brought up with a history of eating habits passed down from generation to generation. Some of those traditions we now know are not beneficial to our bodies or minds. Having the usual Sunday roast has loads of fat-based unhealthy items; you know the ones. Fast food restaurants - we learned - have almost our whole daily calorie allowance in one meal! Bread and dairy can be a drain on how our bodies process those foods robbing us of our energy. Plus, the old "eat everything on your plate" mantra added unwanted weight to our bodies.

So if you want to eat better and lose weight, become educated and change the old though pattern. Read any current nutritional book and they will all tell you the same thing. You have heard it before but until you "do it", you will never appreciate the benefits. You will feel better, look better and lose weight from learning more about modern nutritional guidelines. You can set a new healthy eating tradition for your future generations.

If you need help with changing your thought pattern, see Marygrace at MG Hypnosis. If you need help with learning about nutrition, see Fleur Borrelli, the nutritional specialist at The Putney Clinic. If you need a personal trainer, I recommend Carrie Hogan or Martin Watkins. Email marygrace@mghypnosis.co.uk for contact details.

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