06 July 2015

A way to solving your own problem

What I would tell my younger self?

I love this exercise. Often when a client comes in who seems to be struggling with an issue, I often ask if it was me coming to you as your friend and presenting the same thing you just told me, what would you tell them to do? Then asking questions to help find the best solution. It may sound easy but the problem often is the “worry” about sharing the problem. Don’t be. That is why we call people family and friends.

Another helpful activity is to refer back to something you found challenging and think about going back to your younger self and what advice would you offer them.

Just try it. Get a recording device, go for a walk and just talk. It is like giving yourself a free therapy session. And don’t worry, people will assume you are talking on your mobile phone. It is amazing that the advice is usually something that still applies as we continue to grow personally and meet new challenges. In less than 5 minutes, this is what I recorded, but I know there is so much more to share. Remember to start by asking, “what would I tell my younger self?”.

Always try to be true to yourself, and who you are. Don’t try to be someone you are not. You are special who you are and unique. Be proud of that.

Learning is fun, and this isn’t just in school but throughout life. People you meet will have something valuable to teach you from their experiences. Like my mom would tell me, if you don’t know what someone does for a living or you don’t understand it, ask them to explain it again in simpler terms, and then ask them what they like and don’t like about what they do or where they are from. You become well rounded.

Be honest.

Try to be good to everyone you meet.

There is nothing so terrible that happens in life that you can’t share it or ask for help. You will always be forgiven by those who really love you, and ask for forgiveness. We all do stupid things

Every day is a new day! You always have a fresh start. You can always choose to decide to be happier, be motivated, be positive. Don’t think because you have one bad day, the next one will be bad too.

Don’t go to bed mad at someone.

Family doesn’t always mean a person who is related to you by blood, it can mean someone who always felt like a brother, sister, mother, father, grandfather, etc..

Try new things.

Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself when you need to. It doesn’t matter if it is a teacher, boss, or person of seniority, but also be respectful of your elders.

Be assertive but not aggressive.

Don’t be afraid to ask for things when you deserve it – like a raise. Be proactive is asking how you can get a raise or be promoted.

Knowledge is power, so the more skills you have the more valuable you are and flexible in being able to do more than “one” job.

Even though you may not be the best at something, always give it your best.

Sometimes it is good to shine and sometimes it is good to let others shine.

Don’t be afraid about things you don’t know how to do, it always seems worse in your head than it is in reality.

Whenever you hear yourself saying, “what if something goes wrong”, turn it around to, “what if everything goes right?”. How will that make you feel! To worry about what might go wrong usually doesn’t happen but worst of all, you waste your good energy. What if UP!

Acknowledge bad feelings or situations - but don’t hold on to them. Become your own therapist and ask yourself, “how can I make this better?”.

Always look for the positive side in every situation. There always is one.

If you are feeling down, listen to good music. If you feel stressed, put on calming and relaxing music.

Read inspiring stories and self help books.

Read the front page of the paper just so you know what people are taking about.

Travel! You will have a greater understanding of people and their cultures and respect their cultures when you are visiting their country. Learn the basics of their language.

Manners are important. Please and thank you – always.

Try to have an animal throughout your life (unless you can’t take care of it properly). They add so much to your life.

Exercise and eat well. Learn about food and how it affects our bodies.

Laugh until you cry.

Be happy.

Always take care of yourself first so you can help others.

Don’t let someone else tell you what you can and can not do. Be in charge of your own destiny.

Forgive when you need to forgive. Holding on to that only hurts you.

Sometimes just sitting and being silent is all that is needed.

Keep in touch with people. Old and new friends.

Make your bed! Keep your space clean and clear.

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