06 July 2015

How do you get what you want in life

My top suggestions on ways to get motivated – we always need to be reminded.

Ask yourself - What good is not going forward? Then write out a “positive and negatives list”; i.e. I want to get fit for 50 so I need to do the following:

If I don’t move forward, I will continue to gain weight, feel bad about my body image and self imagine. My clothes will be tight and I won’t feel comfortable wearing them. I will have less energy to do things. My health will deteriorate and could add potential health risks to my life, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc. I will be a bad role model for my daughter. I will let myself down. I will eat rubbish food and my body deserves better.

Positive Negative
Lose weight All of the above that I don't want!
Feel better
Look better – body firmer
More energy
Longer health
Sleep better
Self pride
Set a good example
Encourage others

How can I do achieve this?

  • Trial – set out daily goals of exercise – try something new or do exercise slightly longer. Write exercise time in my diary!
  • Take action before motivation and motivation will follow
  • Being, Doing, Having will get you there.
  • Clear values run motivation–what is important? My health and well being physically and mentally

How do you get it?

  • Make it a game – get rewards.
  • JFDI (Just F_ _ _ing Do It) Excuse the “F” but in some cases it is necessary.
  • Investigate on what works best
  • Self talk – well done
  • What could you achieve? Set goal.
  • Life time – die in horrible way Diabetes/can’t move
  • Alcohol – 6 month challenge & you will lose a high amount of weight and when you drink your resolve will go down
  • Biggest common fear with change – You are frightened your life is going to be terrible and no more enjoyment and I am taking the fun away. But you know what, my clients all have had the best 6 months of their lives. Feel better, more energy, look better. No one has ever regretted making this change.
  • Unconscious mind will hard on you but it is not impossible and you will feel better
  • Project – what if you had a boss who said you have to lose it – how will you do it?
  • You must agree what you are and are not willing to do.
  • What got you to do stuff before – make lists
  • List rewards – holiday/TV/Walk/Drinks/Clear desk
  • Keep your focus on the “near” future and you will be rewarded daily.

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