05 November 2015

Ideas for Christmas made easy

Okay, so Christmas is coming and the stress levels are too, so here are our tips on making it go smoothly.

  • Make lists for what needs to be done (decorating, food shopping, gifts) and start early. 
  • Use a calendar and get family involved. 
  • Make your list on a notebook that you can use again next year and even list names of babysitters and taxi companies.  
  • Make sure you prioritise what is most important to focus on first.  Is it ordering party food to be delivered or lining up the babysitters?
  • Set a budget and stick to it.  
  • Schedule in quiet / quality “me” time.
  • Gift buying made easy.  Gift tokens are great gifts and easy to buy.  Or take advantage of Snappy Snaps special offer of 3 for the price of 2. Last year we took a memory stick and created a personalized travel bag for everyone.  Everyone loved it.  It looked great and didn't cost a fortune.
  • Do it all on one day as it will focus the mind and it will be another thing off the list.  You will get the best prices on line.
  • Christmas card list.  Make it a family event and make sure you have enough pens and stamps.  Or you can each do 5 cards a night until it is done.  To save money, hand deliver the cards and get some exercise as a bonus.
  • Get family members to help and allocate tasks over the whole Christmas period.
  • Don’t go to a Christmas event or party out of guilt.  Save your energy for the most important ones.
  • Have a cut off point.  Then you can stop planning and start enjoying the spirit of Christmas.  If you work towards a goal you are more likely to stick to it.

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