05 November 2015

Hypnotherapy to reduce anxiety

If you are feeling anxious, it will be the result of what you are thinking about the situation that is causing it.  The best way to reduce the effects the anxiety causes is to get focused on how to improve the situation.

We discuss two anxiety case studies below: work and illness.

It could be you are anxious about being made redundant, so instead of just living with it, ask yourself “what can I do to take control?”.  You can get your CV updated and start sending it out.  You can network on LinkedIn.  Try sites like Gumtree or Peopleperhour.  You don’t have to accept an offer if you go on the job interview but it could be a good experience to practice interview skills.  Be flexible about job positions.  Consider getting your foot in the door by taking a lower position and ask to be reviewed in 6 months.  Or retrain while you still have work in the evenings or weekends to add to your skills.

If you are constantly worried about ill health -  yours or that of a family member  -  again, ask yourself “what can I do to improve this situation?”.  If you have an illness like cancer, get active and do research on things you can do to help your body fight it.  My brother-in-law was given 4 months to live and surpassed it by almost 5 years by changing his lifestyle habits and following The Rainbow Diet.  He got active in his own cancer research.  There is a whole community online of people who have had the same experience.

You can also try new therapies, like acupuncture or cranialsacral therapy.  You can use hypnotherapy to change your thinking and get motivated to take action.  The time you waste “worrying” is draining and non-productive.

If you have pain, again, try other therapies and take exercise classes to keep your other muscles moving.

Remember most importantly, you do have a choice.  To worry or not to worry.  Enjoy your success.

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