21 November 2017

MG Hypnosis Hypnotherapy for exercise video 2

More tips to keep you motivated to exercise and just to get started on
days you don't feel like it.  These
are fun, mind games - to keep you going when its time to "get out
there" but you would rather stay in bed.

Don't forget that exercise gives you energy and lifts your spirits - so
just start for 5 mins - and momentum will take over.  I hope you enjoy them.
Please let me know if you want more ideas or share your own.

5 great tips to keep you motivated during exercise.

THINK! Think about what would motivate you to keep going vs. letting your "chatterbox of doubt" make you give up or fail.  If you just use a little creativity, you will find hundreds of ways to keep going.  These are my top 5 when I am out for a run.

1.  Pretend you are leading a class of new runners.  In your head, imagine what you would be telling them about proper running style.  What foods to eat, how to prepare with good clothes and shoes (what do you personally like to recommend).  Is there something, like tension socks or runners gadgets you think are worthwhile to invest in?  Then tell them about breathing, stride, pacing, interval training, best posture, the importance of warming up and cooling down, stretching.    By the time you have finished telling "your class" about the joys of running, you will be done with your own run.

2.  Imagine you are on a TV program.  Similar to above, but when I do this, I imagine I am in the middle of some endurance test (even if it is 5K) and explaining why I run and a little of my history and when I started running.  I "talk" about all the benefits I get from running and exercise in my life and about other exercise I do to keep my body in shape.  Again, by giving this your full focus, you will not consider stopping for a moment - how would that look on national television?

3.  Pray.  It does not have to be 12 Our Fathers and Hail Mary's, (however I did do this once during a 10K race through London - partly because I didn't really have time to train for the 10K and had been only doing 5K's, and it was my first 10K).  But you can also use the time to be thankful for everything you have in your life and break it down.  I think of people, starting with family, then friends, then neighbours, and other people I regularly see, but not socially.

Then I think of health, and break down my whole body into sections.  I thank my body areas one by one for the work they do to help me run.  Starting with the toes for the balance they give my body, and work my way up...ball and heal of feet/knees/thighs/legs for the power they bring to the run etc.  Then heart, blood cells, muscles, stomach (nutrition), even sweat to keep you cool etc..., if you break your body up into the fine detail, you can spend 30 minutes or more preoccupying your mind.

4.  Break up your even into smaller chunks.  Like I tell my marathon runners, "It is simply 4 x 10Ks with a little extra on the end.  In any race, the last 1k is mainly for you to savour the cheers from your fans when you finish your marathon.  Even if it is a smaller run or walk, break up each 1K into a project.  Sing a song on the first one, think of your favourite holiday and relive it on the second 1K, etc...

5.  Rewards.  As my partner would advise, have an ice cold beer waiting for you when you return.  I would suggest a healthier reward but no matter what it is, at least you will have deserved it.  

Enjoy your exercise but more importantly, enjoy using the creativity of your brilliant mind.

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