06 November 2017

Stop smoking before Christmas

Don't let another year go by being addicted to cigarettes. If you really have been thinking about it seriously, I can help you stop in 1 session. See my video below. You will never regret it.

With the end of the year fast approaching, we have launched a campaign called to help you...

Smoking challenge.

I am amazed at the amount of different excuses people tell me that they can't stop smoking. I am told they can't stand the craving , or they are slaves to the addiction, or they need it to relax from stress, or whatever.  They simply don't realise is that it is not the cigarette, it is simply the "credit" they have given to the cigarette as to why they don't stop.  

Let's really look at this.  For example, the person who can't stand the craving.  I asked them if they mind being in places where they can't smoke, like a restaurant.  They said it doesn't bother them.  I asked if they can take a long hall flight (over 8 hours), and again, it doesn't bother them.  I ask if they can sleep during the night 5 hours or more....and yes, they can.  So, really they can in fact, stand the craving as it isn't really there.  A craving is really a desire for something.  You can choose to crave health and a longer life instead.  The actual time the craving lasts is literally less than a minute.

I know, some of you are saying there is the nicotine addiction.  I am not talking about that.  I am talking about the excuses we create as to why we say we can't stop.  The key is what you tell yourself.  If you keep saying, "I can't", then you are right.  Try saying, "it might be a little difficult, but I can do it", and you will.

The other excuse that really gets me is the excuse "it relaxes me".  In fact it is one of the things usually adding to your current stresses. The whole list of wasting money, the act of smoking and knowing it is harming my health, feeling ashamed and burdened by the addition, the awful smell, and the negative social stigma that now we associate with smokers.  Smokers never appreciate that when they light up a cigarette, they take in extra fresh air on that first puff....AND IT IS THE AIR AND DEEP BREATH THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD, not the poison from the cigarette.  It is your choice. bring me your excuses and we will find your solution to stop smoking, and find new better things to say to yourself instead.

I have never had a client yet that didn't love being a non-smoker more then smoking.  This is even after they said they were sure they would miss it.  You won't - trust me.

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