22 November 2012

Did you crack open another bottle of wine last night?

The drinking beyond the recommended limits trend has been growing steadily.  I have seen an increase in woman calling to help them cut back their drinking habits.  They are not alcoholics looking to stop for the rest of their lives, this is about professional women and housewives who are letting their casual drinking habit become a drinking problem.  It starts out as “I’ll just have one glass to relax” or “I deserve it” and after a glandule amount of time passes, it becomes a bottle instead of a glass.  And if you think it is horrible, just think of how many pints a man can knock back in the pub and no one blinks an eye.  I'm not saying it's okay, I am just putting things in perspective.  Three/Four pints vs. bottle of wine?

Because these women are drinking mainly at home, it gives that “no one will know” hidden secret or it will be professional women out drinking with colleagues in bars having large glasses.  The result is health related risk problems along with feelings of depression and letting yourself down. Always thinking, “I won’t do that again”.

Most of the time it is a coping mechanism to deal with the stress, pressures or challenges they are facing with their careers or home lives.  They are aware of it and reach a point where they want to do something about it.  That is when they call.

The thought of stopping totally for most people causes huge anxiety.  They feel they will miss something out of their lives and are not prepared to live without it.  I normally do 4 sessions to gradually cut down the intake and then achieve alcohol free days.  Some clients prefer to do the reverse and go without and go back.  The benefits are amazing in the end, not just physically but mentally as well.  It is not just using hypnosis.  We also educate clients on how balanced nutrition can help detox their bodies, stop the sugar craving (which is why we crave carbs the next day), and clean out their livers, without side effects.

The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis shows a 77% success rate for alcohol abuse.  Hypnotherapy uses a combination of techniques, which help the unconscious mind to make the changes you want to achieve.  The great thing about my job, is no one calls me who doesn’t want the help, so I have no resistance.  That is the key - your commitment to yourself to want to change.   To help someone achieve back control of their lives is a wonderful alcohol free buzz. 

I'm based at The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy.  See web site for more information.

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