28 November 2012

New Mothers and taking care of baby

New Mothers in Blur for Months - Metro 28/9/12.  Really interesting article I cut out to share a few months ago and only now getting the time to type it onto my blog.  This is one of the reasons I see so many woman after their babies arrive.  Besides what they mention below, you also have mothers groups, husbands not aware of the stress happening, family (both sides) all giving advice.  It's a lot to adjust to and I help put things in perspective and restore the confidence AND sleep.

"New mothers take almost 5 months to get the hang of raising babies, research shows.  It takes that long for them to establish a routine, learn what the different cries of their newborn mean and what they need to "survive" in public.

The research showed markers such as the baby sleeping through the night or not panicking when their child had a temperature were crucial to a mother feeling things had clicked into place.  A frazzled 57% admitted those first few months after the birth passed by "in a bit of a blur" because they were so worried about getting everything right.  Six to ten went through a period where they felt they just weren't capable of being a mother, many of them bursting into tears.

It takes new mothers an average of 4 months and 23 days before they get the hang of motherhood.

The research of 2,000 mothers was commissioned by baby brand Munchkin."

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