07 November 2013

What is important in your life?

If I ask a client, "What is important to you in your life?", I get automatic answers. Then if you ask again, "What specifically about each answer is so important to you?", then I start to hear what their values and beliefs are. It is like the old joke with Ms. Universe, "I want world peace", but when you get down to it, it is the safety they value for themselves, not world peace.

Writing down what you think is important to you in your life right now and then break it down more with "why".  You will begin to understand more how you are moving your life forward and why.  It is so vital you follow your true goals because you will go farther in with your drive and be happier doing it.

In another 6 months time, do it again.  The list will change as you change and discover your true passions in life.  And we should change as we grow as individuals and our life circumstances grow.

Have fun with learning about your true passions and focus on how to achieve them.  Life is an adventure and we are the explorers.

That's all folks.

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