07 November 2013

How to fall asleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Then the following few tips should help you drift off to sleep. I am not talking about having a regular routine, using lavender under your pillow, or having a warm bath before going to bed. This is about when you are in bed and your mind starts to wander.

With your eyes closed do one of the following:

  1. Think of all the places you found sleep came quickly (childhood bed, holiday, on a train journey being rocked back and forth like a baby).
  2. Count backwards from 300 and if you mix up a number start again.
  3. Imagine you are looking at a fireplace and watching all the colours within the flame.  Notice the gentle reflection of the glow of the fire in the room and how it makes you feel.  Then focus on the fire again until you "feel" tired and imagine reclining back and closing your eyes.  (This deepens your relaxation).
  4. Write down your worries and put them in a drawer so they can sleep for the night and you can decide in the morning if you still want to wake up those worries or let them sleep forever in the drawer.
  5. Tighten and release all the muscles in your body starting at your feet up to your head.  Going up your whole body slowly.  Then when you get to the top, start again at the feet (not squeezing and releasing) but this time imagine each muscle is relaxing even further to the point like you "feel" you can't even move a leg or an arm.
  6. Imagine or focus on doing something so boring you want to go to sleep instead i.e. driving down an endless straight road.
  7. Think of 10 things you are thankful for in your life and then say a mantra, "I easily and quickly fall into sleep".

Sleep well!

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