18 June 2014

Smoking cessation for 2014 – e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes... really?!  Why?  If you are going to stop, stop.  It's like choosing low fat cookies; they don’t really exist.  It is an illusion to think changing to e-cigarettes are going to really help you stop.  I don't know anyone who has tried them and not gone back to the real thing.

The reason you wanted to try to stop should be your focus to help you quit for life.  If you focus on what you will gain in the end, not what you "think" you will lose from them, it will make it easier.  At the end of day, what you think was great about smoking was just an illusion you created in your mind.

It does not relax you, makes you look cool or anything else. It is killing you as the pack says. Just STOP!

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