18 June 2014

Understanding how motivation works

Are you stuck?  Can't seem to get motivated to do anything?  Several clients have recently complained about this and I put it down to the long, cold, rainy weather.  However, summer is here so let's review how you can get going.  In order to make any change, you need to change your thoughts about it, how you feel about it, or just take action.  Commit to one and make it your motto.

For example, if you want to lose weight and you choose action, this literally means to say to yourself "no matter what, I will at least go out and exercise each day for 15 minutes".  It can be longer, but you just have to start and commit to it daily!  Some people believe they can just exercise 3 times a week.  Exercise should be a daily activity. Beside losing weight, exercise releases endorphins, gives you energy and long-term good health.  So, go for it!

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