07 June 2017


So totally worth it!  I am going to continue on my new lifestyle path and I really am feeling better and better as the days and weeks have passed.  

This morning I was so looking forward to my morning run that I actually beat my alarm clock.  The runs I have had with Tina (my neighbour) are so enjoyable and the time goes by so quickly.  It is not just about running but catching up on news too that makes it fun.  I am looking forward to runs with my brother when I get to the States.

I reordered my detox teas for 15 more days.  It had nothing to do with the detox aspect as much as I really enjoyed the taste of them and I figured it would be good to drink them until I leave for the States. 

My calendar will continue to grow in colour and happiness - it really inspires me.  I do feel like a little kid putting on my stickers but I honestly love it, and I deserve my sticker!

Tips for this final week

1. When you begin your journey - approach it as a life long goal.  The benefits in the end will make you feel good every day.

2. Ask others to get involved in exercising, eating better, etc… it is easier and more enjoyable if everyone benefits.  They might not be as committed but they will benefit and be inspired to make some changes.  They don’t have to live in the same house but the encouragement will continue to inspire both of you.

3.  Again, so important to write down your end goals and action them.  Once I meet my goal, my plan is to go into management of maintaining the goal.  This will require me to make an action plan.  My calendar will help me stick to achieving the daily goals.  The self-hypnosis at night will also keep me focused.

So my 6 week detox was amazing, easy, fun, and motivating.   I do feel better and my clothes feel more comfortable.  The real bonus as stated before, is
100% more energy, sleeping better, eating better, feeling fit, mind is sharper, less stress,  more productive, and I am happier.  Why wouldn’t you do it?

Enjoy your week.  Marygrace

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