21 February 2013

Get a grip on eating at the office

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid unhealthy eating in your workplace.

Ø  Deadlines are stressful and you tend to put healthy eating off altogether.  However, this is why a solid morning meal is more important than ever!  Options with protein and fiber, like oatmeal with fresh fruit and nuts, will help set you up for the day.  It keeps you full and starts your metabolism off to a good start. 

Ø  Go for a walk for 30 minutes.  It helps your energy levels increase and improve your memory. 

Ø  Skip the co-workers cakes.  Politely tell them you prefer to save it for desert and then share it with the family or friends.

Ø  Have hard candy ready when you go to office parties.  You don’t want to eat when you already have something in your mouth.  Mints are perfect as most things taste terrible after you have just had a mint, and your breath will smell nice.

Ø  If there is a buffet, visit the table only once and then stand on the opposite side of the room.

Ø  Have one indulgence a day.  We still want you to have fun.  All the rest of the cakes, biscuits, and celebrations will still be there, but you don’t need it if you know you have a special treat.

Ø  At working lunches, eat your salad first or veggies before you eat anything else, or have a simple soup first.  A personal favorite of mine is to order 2 starters instead of a starter and a main.  I’ve never left hungry.

Ø  If it’s after hour work drinks.  Go late and have a healthy snack on the way.  Have a mint before you order a drink as you will be less temped to order an alcoholic one. Drink a non-alcoholic drink between drinks if you will be there for more than one and nurse it.  Hold it in your hand so people don’t offer to keep getting you another one.

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