20 February 2013

Weight control: Rules for eating healthier when you are out at lunch

It is part of everyday life to eat out a few times a week or order in.  However, this normally means we will be eating fattier foods and bigger amounts (sometimes just to meet the delivery charge minimum!).  So to help make better choices, follow these guidelines.

1.    Walk to pick up your order if you can. 
2.    Eat something healthy (i.e. an apple or celery with hummus) before you go out or order.
3.    Order lean meats and veggies and skip the items loaded with extra sauces (i.e. 1 tsp mayo = 100 calories). 
4.    Skip the deep fried foods and go for steamed or fresh like sushi.
5.    Eat mindfully!  Don’t just grab it and plunk down in front of the TV.  Pause between bites and put your fork down so you don’t just keep shoveling it in.
6.    Picture taking a bite before you actually do.  Research has show the envisioning yourself enjoying the food you crave can actually lessen the amount you consume by nearly half.

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