18 February 2013

Hypnotherapy can help your child with confidence and overcoming fears

Using hypnotherapy for children is an effective, efficient and a fun way to help your child with whatever it is they need to achieve.  The most common issues covered are confidence, worry, sleep issues, separation anxiety, phobias and helping them learn how to handle certain situations better (i.e. bullying or anger issues).

I have always been passionate about helping kids and it is one of the greatest joys to be able to teach a child skills and techniques that will help them as they progress through life.  Hypnotherapy is a results based therapy so I don't see them for months.  Most of my "kids" come to see me 3 or 4 times but it's not always to work on the same issue.  A common example would be a child suffering from a fear of the dark or spiders and then come to see me a few months later to help with shyness or exam anxiety.  

Why and how does it work?  First, it always works but the “why” is the important factor.  Your child has got to want help with solving their problem. You cannot send them to me without their approval.  I can give you guidance on how to approach them on the topic.  Once they agree to wanting help, I guide them on how they can do it using the power of their own minds.  The results are always astonishing to the parents but it's really just their kids taking action and applying what they have learned.  Kids are brilliant and so creative.  They just need someone to show them and then they create their own success.

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