14 February 2013

The war on weight loss still continues

At MG Hypnosis, we see clients for normally 6-8 weeks for weight loss.  We have started to get tougher with our clients as there is no point in coming to see us if you haven’t made a true commitment to change.  We will terminate the sessions if a client does not loose weight in any given week and resume only when they have.

We teach you a variety of techniques to help you reach your goal, and more importantly, maintain it!  We teach you self-hypnosis, anchoring, future visualizations, and learning to create excitement for the end result. 

Our case history is a key aspect in achieving success as it can indicate the real reasons behind the eating behavior.  Without addressing the emotional responses, progress cannot be achieved - as we always resort back to our old ways when faced with pressure or stress – which is part of our daily lives.

Once you take responsibility for your health and future, you will understand the positive knock on effect it has on the rest of your life (more energy, better health, looking and feeling better, and a sense of daily achievement!).

Go on – get started today!

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