19 February 2013

Hypnotherapy and stress update

People die from stress all the time.  Diabetes, heart attacks, etc…

The clinical value of hypnosis has been well documented in the book 21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence For the Healing Power of The Mind.  Most of our clients prefer to approach their health using natural methods, which can be applied to most illnesses related to stress, including diet, exercise, and better food choices.

Relaxation for example has been proven to drop a diabetic’s long term blood sugar level just about as much as a diabetes drug.  And we all know the drugs are expensive and sometimes the side effects are worse and unnecessary in a lot of cases.  Dr. Richard Surwit of Duke University did a study on 108 type II diabetics.  All they did was listen to 20 minute relaxation sessions 3 times a week!  Hypnotherapy is all about relaxation but also more powerful.

Here are more remedies you can immediately do to reduce stress:

  1. Remember to take 6 deep breaths (this takes one minute) whenever you “feel” the stress or anxiety coming on.  Breathing stops stress in its track and then just think about something that makes you smile.
  2. Be aware of energy vampires.  They take your energy and use it for themselves to deal with their own stress or try to pass it on to you.  Walk away or put up a protective bubble!
  3. Learn from example.  Who do you know who is “cool under pressure”?  Follow their example.  For every situation you can handle it calmly or stressed out.  Simple choice.  Choose calm!
  4. Take breaks.  When you feel stressed or anxious, just walk away for 5 minutes to clear your head.  Even in a meeting, excuse yourself for a moment and give yourself positive self talk.
  5. Think positive, calm thoughts.  “I love being calm and relaxed”.  Say it 10 times and you will feel it.
  6. Exercise – so simple.  Go for a walk and it’s free!

Hypnosis can also do things that the drugs cannot.  Doctors at the University of Minnesota have talked about how hypnotherapy can help increase self-control and positively regulate behaviour. 

We need to pay attention to the research and give patients a choice and the power to choose how they want to receive treatment.  It's 2013!  Let’s start educating ourselves on treatments.

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