10 May 2017

My 6-week detox diary and self-hypnosis (Week 2)

Okay, day 10 and still going strong. In fact, I am getting stronger both physically and mentally. It seriously was not hard once I set my mind to it.

My motivational tips

1. Eating lots of salads (mixing it up to keep them interesting). I am also eating more fruit and nuts (almonds, pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts). Still doing the detox tea morning, noon and evening.

2. Without fail, I do my yoga in the morning. If I have a client at 8:00am, I am starting at 6:00am or before. The great thing is that I am sleeping better now and naturally walking up earlier (with energy). I also ordered a memory foam pillow and highly recommend them for people who are constantly adjusting their pillows during the night.

3. Motivational board - see photo. I am personally motivated by writing the number of days so I can see my progress. I look forward to writing the number on my calendar and putting money into my "holiday fund - Yes I can!" pouch. I also have a list below the pouch of all the benefits I gain as a result of making a life style change.

4. I just starting jogging again. I am taking it really slow and listening to my body. I was going to start it as a run/walk exercise, but naturally got into a steady slow jog and my breath and body felt "good" so I kept it up for 20 mins - my goal. I will set this for the week.

5. BONUS side note, I naturally have taken in less sugar and, OMG, does it make a serious difference to going back to something that has a lot of sugar. Gross. I didn't actually plan this as part of my goal, but was inspired by another blog in which the individual stopped sugar as their goal and the benefits they felt as a result.

It just happened naturally that I was eating less things that had sugar. I didn't eat a lot of sweets to begin with but was still amazing that cutting out "more" would make a big difference.

Please join me in setting your life changing goal. If you have any questions, comments or would like to speak with me, please feel free to contact me on info@mghypnosis.co.uk or by calling 07931 547 414.

Best wishes,


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