17 May 2017

My 6-week detox diary and self-hypnosis (Week 3)

Whee - look at me go!  Week 3 and full steam ahead! I have added a new "motivational" item to my calendar.  I am putting yellow stickers on the days that I run.  So much fun!

Tips for this week for staying on track.

1.  JDI - or in my case JFDI - get up and just do your morning exercises.  No excuse not to do them.  Have your exercise clothes ready to go.  If you have to be up early for whatever reason, go to be early and get up 45 mins earlier to stick to your routine.  I alternate between a You Tube video and Wii to keep it interesting and sometimes it takes a little hunting to find the right video for you.  I really like Yoga with Adrian (You Tube)!  I also am going to drop in yoga sessions to make sure I am doing the moves right now and then.

2.  When tempted to snack on something unhealthy, I literally say to myself (rather scream it to myself), think of your goal and what you want.  It is like having a built in coach there to stop you going off the grid.  Have a motto or affirmation to say to help keep you on track.

3.  Think of your fans, (real or imaginary).  If you tell people what your goal is, your success rate will be much higher.  I can't imagine sitting her typing, "gave in, having a Kabab for lunch right after a full English breakfast to start the day...and no exercise".  Seriously, your true supporters will continue to support you in your goals.

4.  Be very specific on your final goal, and the life changing steps you need to accomplish it.  This is not a diet, this is not a quick fix, this is not a summer slimmer 6 week detox.  This is a gradual way to make some changes to lifestyle patterns.  I have strong will power but for those who do not, setting a 3 - 6 month goal will really get you on track for a life style change.  Yes, you may have a set back or a bad day, but if you spend the other 5-6 days sticking to it, you will feel and look better AND have so much more energy.

Still doing self hypnosis every night.  I picture myself reaching my goal and how I will look, how I will feel and all the positive emotions that go with that success and making it a part of my new world.  It is really a wonderful and empowering feeling.

See you next week and enjoy your week.  Marygrace

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