10 May 2017

My 6-week detox diary and self-hypnosis (Week 1)

It is only day 3 but I wanted to inspire others to begin now, as 3 days in and I feel so much better already.

What I am doing:

1. Drinking a detox tea 3 times a day – I am using Tay Tox (Amazon). I was only an occasional coffee drinker, so coffee wasn't hard to cut out.

2. Stopped drinking alcohol. Again, this was easy to do once I set my mind to the challenge. We so often think we will miss out on “all the fun” from not drinking at parties or the pub, but, trust me, you will have just as much fun. I also focus on the overall benefits I will achieve in the end. Look better, feel better, more energy, toner and fitter, better sleep...  And THIS is what I want! I am putting the alcohol money towards a reward. In this case, it is going to be our holiday in the States.

3. Exercising daily. I have taking walks and practising yoga, and next week I will start running again. I know it is good to have an off day, but I don’t think going for a long walk or doing yoga is too strenuous not to practice every day. I am also looking into doing something else.

4. At night I do self-hypnosis and visualise how I want to look and how I want to feel 6 weeks from now. Self-hypnosis is a valuable tool to learn. Once you know what you want, this will help reinforce your commitment. Using these two techniques combined can help you achieve any goal you set yourself. You can learn self-hypnosis in just 1 session.

Those are my starting points and I look forward to sharing more.

Hope you decide to join me.

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